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Organic YouTube Visits: It Is Very Likely That You Have A Problem

Organic YouTube visits are all that traffic that comes to your website directly from a search engine. A person has a doubt or need, enters the Internet, does a search, and enters your website right at that moment. Is there any way to make your website more timely?

Sounds like something that anyone with a website would seek to improve through different SEO techniques, right?

Apparently, it is not.

According to a report recently published by Ahrefs, 91% of the pages analyzed in their study do not receive organic visits from Google.

Although the Ahrefs article mentions that the sample used is only a small fraction of all the content on the web (which is also growing by the minute) and that their traffic estimates are not 100% accurate; the message is clear: Most of the pages published today are not receiving organic traffic. But why?

Top Reasons For Not Getting Organic Visits

Ahref’s study doesn’t just tell us this alarming percentage. Through data analysis, with factors known to improve page ranking in mind, they draw the following conclusions:

The pages do not have enough backlinks. Many of the analyzed pages have no backlinks at all.

The pages talk about topics that people are not looking for. Put more technically, good keyword research has not been done.

Finally, there is a third factor that influences low organic traffic. Many of the pages analyzed had been penalized by Google for using link-building techniques… not being very honest. So now you know, if you still had doubts, Google does penalize those who try to cheat.

How To Improve Your Organic Visits For Youtube Views

Alright, we’ve already seen the bad. Now let’s talk about how to fix it. After seeing what those two main reasons were for the pages not receiving organic Youtube views, it only remains to work on them.