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How To Gain Organic Visits With Your Youtube Videos

Surely you have a YouTube channel and the videos you upload on it do not have a good number of visits.

Well, today I am going to teach you some tips and advice that you should take into account to apply to your videos and thus gain views on YouTube. You will see how you will begin to reach more people with your channel!

To start gaining views on your YouTube channel, you need to consider some questions, if the answer to them is Yes, then you are good at it, if not, apply it:

Are your videos of good quality? I am talking about videos with minimum HD quality or phones with good recording quality. Nowadays, Youtube has been updated enormously, and watching a video with poor image quality is something obsolete, something that visitors seem very archaic.

So it is important to have good video quality, as this is the first thing your visitors will notice.

Are You Energetic When Recording Yourself?

You must keep in mind that with your videos, you must entertain the organic people viewing YouTube videos!

The main thing is to attract them and not allow them to leave your video. So it is important that you can entertain your audience once they enter your video.

Are Your Ideas Good?

Keep in mind that both your attitude and what you are going to do in your video are important.

Try to prepare your ideas and then record yourself. I also recommend you to have a short script where you have planned the points that you are going to develop in your video; In this way, you will see that everything will be easier to carry out.

First, try to reach with your videos the niches that you think are likely to like your content, that is, those groups that like the type of content you create.

So, look for groups on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and start sharing your videos in them once you publish them. Only do it once, a maximum of two, because if you do it more you will look for people to get bored of that type of publication every time they see them.

Second, and very important, is that once you’ve shared your video in those groups, some people will come to see you.

The magic will happen in the next video you upload, as it will start showing up as a recommendation in that person’s Main Feed.

You will then start to show up in those feeds and some random ones that see content similar to yours.

Those visits that you gain are organic YouTube views, that is, people decide to watch your video without you telling them, they only saw the title or the thumbnail and it made them curious.

So it is also important that you create good thumbnails for your videos, with them you will give the first impression to many people, something very important that many channels do with their videos.

Now that you know what you should do; reconsider each of these points and start putting them into practice, you will see how little by little you will start to get more views on your videos.

The trick to all of this is consistency. Keep that in mind.

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How To Increase Youtube Views Legally And Without Using Bots?

In this new article, we want to inform you how you can get many organic visits to your YouTube videos, without using strange maneuvers to get them.

Likewise, we want to clarify that these tricks on “how to increase views on YouTube” require perseverance and dedication to achieve the goal of getting more “views” in each new video we upload. Now, having made that clarification, let’s begin.

Thumbnails That Grab Attention

The creation of thumbnails for our videos often takes a backseat if we are new to uploading videos to YouTube. Even so, some accounts that already have time to create content for their channel, do not pay much attention to the thumbnail and always forget to dedicate the optimal time so that it is perfect and manages to capture the visits of all the people who pass by. your post.

To achieve a thumbnail that captures the clicks on the video, it is necessary to understand that they must have a very successful “Call to Action”. It is recommended not to include the title, but another call to action that has to do with the video.

On the other hand, it is also important to distinguish between the other covers, so you can include elements such as arrows, an unusual background, or a colored frame that stands out among the other videos.

We understand that this can be difficult to define due to the immense number of videos that are uploaded to YouTube daily, but it is advisable to spend some time analyzing your competition, to see how you can differentiate yourself in this section.

Long Tail Titles

Surely you have already heard about the words “Long Tail”, and if you have not heard, we will quickly tell you what it means.

The “Long Tail” words are long phrases to take advantage of the positioning on those searches that usually have fewer visits, but that in the long run allows you to position yourself on each of those words since these “long phrases” are usually very specific.

Using them will allow you to position yourself in the market in which you are in a much easier way since they do not usually have much competition.

Use The Proper Labels.

In general, it is common to see how Youtubers use labels of all kinds to position themselves in specific trends. This is not only penalized by the algorithm but also ends up being taken as a bad positioning practice.

In other words, it is useless to appear in searches related to the keywords “Kitchen” if your business sells and makes videos about “Cars”.

It is important to be consistent with the keywords and do a good study of them when using them. It is also true that YouTube currently puts a limit of up to 500 words for the use of tags and does not penalize a video by lowering its level of reach if we use the total space of 500 words.

Ask Questions In Titles

As a curious fact, the YouTube search engine is being used more and more to find solutions, instead of performing the search on Google.

With the data that we have just given you, it is clear why it is better to introduce questions in the titles before abstract titles or on a very specific topic that appears at a certain moment in the video.

The questions that begin with HOW and WHY are usually the ones that give the best results to those who use them in their conjugations.

Have A Good Tool At Hand

The use of tools that help us use better tags, choose content and improve our titles, are often very helpful for those who need a boost when they first open their channel.

There are a variety of tools, but we have one that we have been using for a long time and we have already become quite friendly with it. This tool is called TubeBuddy and it really is a feat up the sleeve for those who want to start their channel and also for those who want to stay on top of search results with their videos.…

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