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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Organic Social Networks

Organic social networks are posts that are made on different social networks but are not “paid” like ads (advertising). Organic posts are a strategy that complements paid posts (ads).

Is It Worth Investing In Organic Social Networks?

Organic posts on social media are characterized by low reach (unique views), especially on Facebook. But is it worth investing in social networks organically? Of course! We always recommend our clients to carry out a combination of both to achieve digital marketing objectives. We can make a combination of 80/20 or 50/50 depending on the budget of the company.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 main reasons why your brand should invest in social media organically.

Greater authenticity can define “authenticity” in social networks as those publications that generate value (real content that is shared with the community in social networks). With organic posts, we can share informative or funny content with our audience. This type of content does not require to be paid, but it does generate a connection with your audience.

Here we show you a clear example of an organic publication that generates value. Logistics Atlas is an international logistics company that shares informative content on international trade issues on its social networks.

Organic Advertising

As we mentioned at the beginning, organic publications are the complement paid publications (ads). When users first come into contact with a brand through an ad, the first thing they do is view the profile to find out more about the brand or products it offers. If your brand has been sharing posts organically frequently about your products or valuable content, visitors will get a good impression, start following you, and possibly buy your products.

This brand constantly shares posts organically displaying its products and providing advice on how to decorate a house with exclusive furniture.

Customer Service And Trust

Social networks have become customer service centers, it is known that people go to a company’s social networks to learn more about the products. If your brand’s social networks do not have frequent publications and are abandoned, this can generate a bad impression and mistrust in your potential clients. It is recommended to publish at least one post per week to have visibility on social networks.

More Engaged Followers

A social media ad will get people’s attention, but it’s not enough to make them engaged and advocate for your brand. This will require displaying multiple posts organically to create a connection and link.

We can achieve a connection with our audience by sharing valuable content such as tips, memes, tutorials, etc. And all this is achieved through organic posts on social media.

They Are Profitable

Although organic publications on some social networks have lowered their reach, as in the case of Facebook, they are still very profitable. You can publish as many posts as you like on your social networks and each update is free to share. In advertising hook, we recommend brands to explore new social networks such as Tiktok or YouTube where content is more likely to go viral due to the great reach it gives us. Succeeding in social networks is a matter of strategy and persistence.